The decision to go solar is exciting but often unknown for aspiring solar owners. Therefore, choosing a company that has refined its process to ensure that your solar project goes smoothly is very important. We feel that the keys to a successful project are great communication and expertise – both of which we have proven and provided for hundreds of past customers.

Over the years we have developed a 4 step process to make the purchase and installation of a solar system easier to understand.

Step 1: No Obligation Site Assessment/Site Survey

For most solar projects the design and site analyzation process starts by completing a preliminary site assessment using satellite imagery. Once it is determined that your site is suitable for solar, we will begin to develop a preliminary design and proposal using an online design tool specifically for solar design and estimating. This preliminary proposal provides a starting point that can easily be adjusted based on your specific needs and budgets. We can provide you with several options if necessary that meets your specific needs and desires.

Step 2: Preliminary Design & Proposal

The next step is to go over the preliminary design and cost proposal with you. In this step, we find that it is important for us to spend as much time as needed to educate you and make sure you feel comfortable about the choices and options that are available for you. We believe in an up front and honest approach, so you have every detail you need to make the right decisions.

Once you feel that you are ready to move forward, we help you through the pre-approval loan process or we obtain a $300 deposit that will allow us to complete a formal site analysis, get precise measurements of the roof space and analyze your existing electrical system, etc.

Step 3: Plan Finalization & Implementation

This step consists of finalizing any changes to the plan based on our findings during the formal site analysis. At this point, we get a deposit from you to purchase the materials to begin the parts ordering process, apply for all required state and local permits and get you on our installation schedule.

We coordinate with you as your installation date comes closer and let you know when we will be at your home or business to start the installation. We pride ourselves with being knowledgeable and available for you during the construction phase of the project and are willing to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Step 4: System Start-Up & Maintenance

Involving the customer in the start-up and care of the system is the last but not the least step in a successful project. Our team will make sure that our customers feel comfortable and confident about how to operate and maintain their solar system. We also offer maintenance plans for our customers if they would like a more “hands off” approach.