Own Your Power the Banner Way

The decision to go solar is exciting but there are often many unknowns for aspiring solar owners. Choosing a company that has refined its process to ensure that your solar project goes smoothly is very important. We feel that the keys to a successful project are great communication and expertise – both of which we have proven and provided for hundreds of past customers.

Over the years we have refined our process into 8 simple steps.

  1. No obligation Site Assessment
  2. Draft a preliminary design & proposal
  3. Secure financing
  4. Conduct an on site survey of your home
  5. Finalization & Implementation
  6. System Installation
  7. Inspection & Meter Installation
  8. System start up & Maintenance
An electrical bill with a lightbulb resting on top of it.

Step 1

No Obligation Site Assessment

For most solar projects, the design and site analysis starts by you providing a copy of your power bill. This allows us to customize a design that meets your individual needs.

A top-down view of a house with solar panels on top of papers showing floor plans and blueprints of the house.

Step 2

Draft a Preliminary Design & Proposal

After evaluating your home’s electrical needs, we go over the preliminary design and cost proposal with you. Knowing that no two homes are the same we find that it is important to spend as much time as needed to educate you and make sure you feel comfortable about the options and incentives that are available to you. 

Once you have compared your current investment in power to an investment in solar and discovered how much money you can save, we collect a $300 deposit that allows us to complete a formal on site analysis for a final proposal.

A husband and wife looking at their utility bills with a calculator and pen on the counter in front of them.

Step 3

Securing Financing

While some customers may choose to purchase their system outright, our $0 down, $0 payments for the first 12 months payment option makes it easy to go solar. We recommend a 3rd party credit union that offers Energy Smart loans, this allows you to fix your cost for power without utilizing an excessive amount of capital beyond your current investment.

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Someone holding a clipboard and pencil while another person points at the paper on the clipboard.

Step 4

Conducting an On Site Survey of Your Home

Our project manager will perform a site analysis to ensure that the system can be installed and will produce as quoted. We verify roof measurements, attachment methods, analyze your existing electrical system, and gather SunEye readings for your custom solar system.

People shaking hands across a table with documents detailing solar power on the table.

Step 5

Finalization & Implementation

This step consists of finalizing any changes to your solar design based on our findings during the site visit. We then prepare a contract, pull the appropriate permits with your local jurisdiction, and schedule your installation. These costs are included in your initial proposal, the only potential change orders that would result in a price increase would be if:

  1. Your roof needs to be replaced
  2. Your home’s main electrical panel requires an upgrade

Our project manager coordinates with you as your installation date comes closer and lets you know when we will be on site to begin the installation. We pride ourselves in having an in-house installation team that includes licensed and trained electricians who are knowledgeable and available to answer any questions that you may have.  

Permitting timelines vary based on your specific jurisdiction, most customers can go solar within 7-9 weeks after first contacting Banner Power Solutions.

A hardhat and tablet resting on top of solar panels installed on a roof.

Step 6

System Installation

Our project manager works closely with our in-house labor and electrical team to ensure construction is up to the Banner quality standards that we aim to meet with every installation. Our team of technicians are committed to delivering high-quality service and top-of-the-line products to ensure construction is complete within 2-3 days, depending on project size and weather conditions.

An electrical contractor inspecting solar panels with a handheld meter that is plugged in to the panels.

Step 7

Inspection and Meter Installation

Once your system is installed, Banner will schedule required inspections and facilitate interconnection with your local power company to ensure the system is up to code. After inspections are complete your power company will install a net meter, being tied to the grid allows the power company to track both the electricity you consume as well as the electricity you send back to the grid as “credits”.

A woman smiling in a chair next to a lamp being powered using solar energy.

Step 8

System Start-Up & Maintenance

Involving the customer in the start-up and care of the system is the last but not the least step in a successful project. Once inspections are complete and your net meter is installed we make sure our customers feel comfortable and confident about how to operate and maintain their solar system. We also offer maintenance plans for our customers if they would like a more “hands off” approach.

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Finally, it’s time to flip the switch and start enjoying power costs that are stable and predictable!

Solar customers can also take advantage of our referral program and earn $300 when your family or friends go solar with Banner.