Solar Maintenance

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Solar PV systems do not require maintenance beyond a regular cleaning and performance check once or twice a year. Throughout the year solar PV systems can gather dirt, dust, pollen, droppings, leaves, and other debris that can interfere with its ability to run optimally. The ideal time to perform a system cleaning is in the late spring and early summer, to fully utilize the best solar access of the year.

Our banner solution is SolarShine: a solar cleaning service intended to ensure that your system is running at top performance. We understand that it may not be practical for everyone to perform this solar maintenance, so we offer SolarShine as a solution for everyone who is interested.

Every SolarShine service includes:

  • Solar Panel Cleaning: completed with a soft brush, green-cleaning solution (safe for your landscaping), and water.

For Banner Power Solutions solar customers we also do:

  • Inspection: wires, connections, racking, inverters, and panels.
  • Production meter reading: to ensure your system is performing as intended.

What we need from you as the solar owner:

  • Access to the roof, meters, and inverters.
  • Outdoor water access (we bring our own equipment)

We can perform this service whether you are home or away, just let us know your preference.

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